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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Adam's Social Life Picks Up

Well, we're going to have to get better at taking photos, because there were plenty of great ops this weekend--Katie holding the baby above her pregnant belly, Tom cooing at him just before Adam peed on him, Tracy patting his monkey-PJ-clad foot. And by now, how do we not have a photo of Liala holding him like an old pro? He slept on her for at least half an hour today.

But no, Adam's busy social weekend is undocumented. Yesterday we went to Jo and Tom's for lunch, which the baby obligingly slept through. He then woke up for admiring cuddles, ate a small snack, peed on Tom, and finally, during a diaper change, pooped, peed and screamed bloody murder. Jo and Tom got the full picture of cuteness side by side with mess and screaming--I hope the cuteness was more influential.

Then today, we went to Tracy's house for Katie and Joe's baby shower. Katie is at 8 months, which is funny for me to remember--really, very uncomfortably pregnant, so dying for the baby to come already, but also so much more restful and simple than having a baby. It's a doorway that's hard to look past, from either direction--from there, you can't imagine this side, and from here, you can hardly remember what it was like before.

Mike asked whether bringing a baby to a shower is like wearing white to someone else's wedding. I thought that, too, but everyone seemed to like Adam, and we like hanging around with him, and also with our friends, so hopefully this will work out for the future. I think that three hours at a bustling party (with an amazing cheesy potato breakfast bake of some sort, and fruit salad with cinnamon yogurt on top, yummy!) wiped him out, and he's been sleeping like a rock almost since we got home. I only wish it would last all night, but I have to doubt it. Sigh.

Another doctor's appointment tomorrow! Then a good nap for Mama and Daddy, I think.

More photos in the future, honest. I'm goign to start making a point of documenting things, not just for cuteness, but posterity!


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