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Monday, December 22, 2008

Catch Up Post

I'm doing this cheating thing where you back-date the posts, because we have so many great pictures for the week, and so many adventures to tell about, that I need more than one post to catch up.

So: Monday was Adam's one month checkup. He's doing great--the doctor said that if he doesn't have a regular fussy period every evening yet, that he probably won't have one (sigh of relief all around). His weight is 10 lb 4 oz, which is just above the 50th percentile according to the charts. His height (23 1/4 inches), though, puts him way up at 95%--meaning he is a tall boy at this point! Of course, these things change all the way along, but for right now, it means his legs are already too long for some of my favorite footie pajamas. He's outgrowing things already!

So, to capture his growing, I'm taking a picture from my friend Becky's playbook and getting pictures of him with the same toy once a month, for comparison. Sadly, I didn't start till one month, but I still think it'll be something to see.

Month 1:

Also, hands-free baby! No Bluetooth required.

Tomorrow we drive to Middletown to visit Grandma and Gramps (did I mention that the grandfather question was resolved? Grandfather Mike picked Gramps, which I love. The spelling of Grandma (Gramma? Granma?) is still pending, but I figure we have a few weeks before Adam writes his own thank you notes). Let's see how Li'l A does on the road!


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