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Monday, December 8, 2008

Medical News

We went to the doctor again today. He's growing like a champ now--9 pounds and half an ounce (up 4 ounces from Saturday! I was worried, but the doctor says that's okay.), 22 inches long. His head circumference and weight are right at the 50th percentile, and his height is a little higher--though they did make the point that any individual measurement is not as useful as the curve of how he grows over time, so it'll be a little while before we see how he really fits the percentiles. Still, I do like to hear 50th percentile--it just sounds so normal. Love normal.

Oh, also in medical news, he lost his umbilical cord last night! It seemed almost wrong to throw it away, but I'm not someone who can scrapbook something like that. He's growing up so fast!

We also did some tummy time today, which he took to very well. I think a lot of kids hate it, but he's precocious, at least in neck strength. He lifted his head a few times, though I didn't get it on camera. So he was awake and perky through the morning, and then we all napped the afternoon away (many thanks to his Nana on that one). Now he's sleeping in his bassinet, completely resistant to any attempt to wake him, resting up for a perky, alert stretch all night.

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