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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Tomasulo Christmas

Christmas! We're home now, cleaning up and finding places for all our awesome new swag, listening to music on our MP3 speakers from the kitchen.

The drive down went poorly traffic-wise, but very well baby-wise. It should have been a 4 hour drive, but it took us 2 hours just to get to the turnpike (usually about a 20 minute trip). After that it was mostly smooth sailing, except one weird chunk of traffic outside Hartford--not in the city, which we drove through at rush hour without a pause, but about half an hour later, where we were practically stopped for almost an hour. So we spent 7 hours in the car, and as far as I know (I was in the front seat, after all), he slept pretty much the whole time, except when we stopped specifically to change and feed him.

I have a theory that babies like white noise and bouncing motion, evolutionarily, so that they would be able to go on long car rides. It's a new theory; we're looking into research to back it up.

New York and Christmas were lovely. Photographic evidence of this follows.

Steph the proud auntie.

Adam in his cute outfit (pants and a shirt! He thinks he's people!) cuddling his new puppy.

Our family, in the mirror. I tried to use the sling to let him sleep or hang out so we could all eat at the same time. It didn't work as well as it did last weekend, but it bought us a few minutes.

We used this blanket for tummy time and floor time, but I though the stripes might make another good sizing photograph background.

And finally, let us admire the handsome creature.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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