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Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Body Part Discovered

Adam has found his tongue, and appears to find it intriguing. It spends about 25% of its time outside his mouth now--which, if you think about it, is a LOT of time. I have a photo around here somewhere...

Also, I wanted to tell you the funny story from his doctor's appointment last week. He made such a mess! When he was on the scale, as soon as I took his diaper off, he peed all over the place--the scale, the cart, and the computer desk (thank heavens, not the computer). I put the diaper back on him and moved him over to the exam table, where his damp body wet the paper they spread out there.

While the nurse was taking the scale out and I was furiously mopping up pee till I couldn't tell what was wet from him and what was wet from the wipes I was using, he proceeded to spit up the entirety of his last meal on the table, cheerfully burbling all the time. I've never seen so much spit up come out of this kid--the puddle was eight inches wide and on his blanket, too.

He rounded that out with a more sympathetic mess--when he got his shots, he bled a little on the exam table. That part was not as messy and very sad, but only contributed to a very messy doctor's appointment.

After the shots, he was okay for the afternoon, cranky in the evening, and MISERABLE all weekend, crying and crying. I was sorry for him and worried about him, but today he was back to his cheerful, sleepy self. And his tongue? Out exploring the world.


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