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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fashion and Milestones

This kid has the greatest sweater collection. My very talented friend Kris knitted this sweater, which is amazing and cable-knit and has gotten some crazy compliments, I can tell you. She was worried he'd be born too big for it, but it fits him perfectly right now--with the sleeves rolled up a little. And this in spite of the fact that, at his appointment on Thursday, he weighed in at 12.75 pounds (75th percentile) and measured at 24.5 inches (93rd-ish percentile). He remains a large boy. His head, however, remains right on target at 50th percentile. He does NOT have a big head.

As you can see, our dapper little boy is quite the clotheshorse. He was trying to crawl right out of my arms into the laundry basked--he was unswayable, so I had no choice.

In addition to the Baby Escape Plan (where he squirms to get out of your arms, in spite of the fact that if you let him go he's going to fall on the floor and not get anywhere else. What are babies thinking?), he's developed a few more talents. His neck strength is getting great! The doctor said that, at his four month appointment, he'll be able to hold it up himself when you pick him up. For now, though, he's just Tummy Time Champion of the World.

He's also started occasionally opening up his fists. When they tell you to wash his crevices and folds of skin, I never realized I'd need to clean the lint out of his fists. But he occasionally opens his hands now!

And he's ALMOST able to get his finger and thumb in his mouth to suck on. Mike's been coaching him, and we're both rooting for the built in pacifier to kick in. He's getting there, though!

The kid is healthy as a horse and making excellent progress. We're very proud of his great skills.

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