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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grand Occasion

No photos today, alas, because we had a huge milestone: Adam's first trip to the library!

It was the Arlington Public Library, which I believe is the Robbins Library. I had two books to pick up, on different floors and one of which was hard to pin down. He dozed in the Baby Bjorn in a most charming manner while I trotted all over the building. As I was checking out, I pointed out to the librarian that it was his first trip and he slept right through it, and we agreed that this was probably the best way it could have gone.

He was a great little guy during a couple of hours at a coffee shop with a new friend and her baby--sleepy and quiet. And this evening, I had him smiling at some finger plays--though I can't for the life of me remember how Little Bunny FooFoo ends. I also turned the poem Men of the High North by Robert Service into a finger play (some of that took some creativity, let me tell you) and he loved that, too.

Oh, and another incidental milestone that was kind of exciting today--he was fussing because he was hungry, so I put him in the bassinet and mixed up a bottle. While I was shaking it, I held it up to show him, and he stopped fussing! For the most part, he usually doesn't recognize the bottle till it touches his lips, or sometimes when it's right in front of his face. This time it was at least six feet away, and I was waving it at him. How's that for visual acuity?

He didn't get his sharp eyes from me, that's for sure.



Blogger Becky said...

Did you figure out how Little Bunny Foo Foo ends yet? Surely you can google it but the version I know the good fairy turns him into a goon and then "the moral of the story is hare today goon tomorrow."

January 24, 2009 at 7:26 AM  

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