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Monday, January 12, 2009

Multimedia Extravaganza!

First, a little video.

I am pleased to announce that, as seen in the video above, Adam has developed some new expressions. Previously, he had two: Insurance Agent Listening to Your Vital Statistics and About to Deny Your Claim, and Person Being Poked With Sharp Stick. But now, in addition to occasional actual smiles, we have a new expression, that I like to call Positive Neutral. Behold.

I suppose you could say it's a little more Skeptical/Amused, but I like to think he's feeling cheerful, but laid back enough that he doesn't need a big grin.

And now, a series from a recent photo shoot:

Adam's also been sick for a couple of days. Mostly his breathing sounds like snoring, and he slept a lot. He's been such a trooper, though--he's such a good baby. And did I mention his cuteness?

But he can also be threatening. Here's one of him as a mobster. I can't seem to keep his nails short enough, so I'm going to embrace his face scratches as part of his charm.

I can't resist the boy.

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