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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adam's Day Out

Herein we document a day in the life of Adam "The Toes" Tomasulo. First, a trip to the Italian market for cold cuts. The weather was gorgeous, so we walked there with Auntie Marsha.

Then we went to Sweet Sue's cafe in Arlington, where we had a little nosh and met up with Keiran, who is almost Adam's age, and his mom.

Then the nice lady at the front desk at the Arlington Public Library took a photo for us. It's a gorgeous building. Adam was awake in the Bjorn the whole time, and barely made a peep! He's such a mellow baby, and I'm so lucky.

Finally, home to see Daddy!

It was a busy day, and I'm sure he'll be exhausted, but right now he wants to play with his rattle, darn it! As for me, a gorgeous day like this just proves to me how much fun we're going to have when the weather improves for good. Hooray!
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