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Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Goes to the Farm

Adam and I went to New Hampshire today to see the family. We visited Krista and Rosie at the salon, and then went to the house.

Here's us in the greenhouse (which is coming along nicely).

You'll notice that he's practically asleep in this picture (Adam, not Pa). I put him down for a nap back at the house, but he woke up in about 15 minutes. An hour later, though, he fell asleep again. And slept. And slept. After two hours I had to wake him up to head home in time for dinner. I love the napping!

And then he was alert, cheerful and chatty all evening. He stayed up till 8, which means he might (might!) get a nice long sleep tonight. But before that, he sat in his new bumbo, chatted with me, and rode on Mike's shoulders around the living room.

Yes, we were careful! What a nice day we had.


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