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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a Very Busy Bunny

Today Adam had lunch with Daddy!

Actually, Adam slept through lunch with Dad. But really, that made for a great lunch experience for Mike and me. At the Kinsale. With a really fabulous chocolate dessert thingy.

Then we walked Mike back to his office. We didn't go in, but we got a picture anyway, for posterity.

Adam and I walked across the park to Arlington Street, which was lovely--I was so glad to get the weather. Then we went with Sheila to the library (why didn't we get a photo of you, Sheila?!?). But we did get a photo of us in front of the library.

And, finally, my beloved communting photo. Because what else am I supposed to do except play with the camera on the train?

I did not get any photos of him screaming his head off on the way home as I scrambled to make some food before I even got my coat off! Probably for the best--let's preserve our saintly illusions.
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