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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Would You Like a Dipping Sauce With That?

Adam has discovered his fists--that is, he's gained enough control to decide that his fist is going into his mouth and firmly put it there. He's willing to gum on other things, but not especially interested. At first we were worried that he might be teething, since he's also been resisting his food a little bit, but there's no sign of it on his gums. He's been Master of His Fists for at least a week now.

He's also getting better and better at sitting up. His neck control is almost all there--sometimes it gets tired, but he can ride around in the pouch without neck support pretty easily. And he can sit up with just some support at the hips, from either us or the boppy.

Notice, above, his Baby Legs. These are like legwarmers--they cover his legs over his onesie, instead of pants, but they don't need to be removed for a diaper change. Don't let the naysayers tell you that they're silly--they're adorable.
And finally, at the request of Aunt Polly, more pictures of Marsha. She comes down a lot to play with Adam, keep me company, and help me out. He loves to gnaw/drool on her sleeve. Her intense camera-shyness abates somewhat when Adam's in the frame, so we can once again prove her existence to the skeptical.

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