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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paging Doctor Baby

Doctor update: 15lb, 12.2 oz, in the 65th (ish) percentile.
26.5 inches, in the 90th percentile.
His head is also growing at a reasonable rate.

The doctor thinks that we should stop swaddling him at night, now that he can roll over (even in the swaddle! This is a major life-skill, people; he's gonna be some kind of Houdini). We don't want him to get stuck face-down and not be able to lift himself up. This is the big smothering worry, but I think it's kind of out there, since a) his neck strength is amazing, b) his ability to wake me up is amazing, and c) he can only roll in one direction and ends up wedged against the bars of the crib anyway.

Do I sound like a bad mother for not being worried? Whatever.

Anyway, our concession is to begin a transition away from the swaddle. So, since Monday afternoon he's been sleeping with one arm out, like so.

This has been going pretty smoothly; the only problem is that he keeps taking his pacifier out of his mouth. It's actually kind of hilarious. It's like his hands have this conspiracy against his mouth. His eyes are closed, his fingers fluttering dreamily, and his hand will go directly and deliberately to his mouth, curl around his pacifier and pluck it away. His mouth will then open, as though he had deliberately removed the pacifier to free it up so he could start crying for you to put the pacifier back in. The first night we did this little cycle four or five times in very quick succession, all with his eyes closed in sleep. I had to run into the bathroom so I wouldn't wake him up laughing hysterically.

Today we've gone down to a no-arm swaddle--wrapping him from the chest down. This is not working as well; his left arm learned its lesson after a couple of days and mostly stayed down, but now the right hand is a bad influence and they hang out together on his chest and sometimes start bugging the pacifier.

And, ironically, with his arms free, he can now roll over in his sleep like it was nothing at all. Great plan, doc.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hugs on that swaddle weaning! you could always try a Peke Moe?
all the best! (gorgeous baby you have there! :)!)

March 26, 2009 at 1:05 AM  

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