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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Very Important Photos

We have for you today two very important pictures. First, Adam meets Bouncer!

Everyone loves Bouncer, and Adam was, of course, no exception. In spite of a very cranky morning, I think he made a good impression (I'll let you guess which guy I'm talking about). I'm sorry Bouncer and Polly didn't see his usual bright and chipper self, and I'm sorry that we didn't get a photo of Polly before he started fussing, but he still made me proud.

And I would like to present to you Adam's four month photo. He is now about the same size as the bear--don't they look like colleagues at a retreat or something? Like Adam's the president and the bear is a visiting dignitary, and the photo is a memento that the bear hangs on his office wall to indicate his good relations with Adam.

This was the best photo we got in a batch of about twenty; he does NOT like to a) smile when he hears the camera clicking, or b) take his hands out of his mouth, for any reason, ever. Luckily, we have plenty of candids to memorialize his cuteness. Not to fear!
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