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Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Weather

First, an update on my nonsensical obsession with this kid getting his feet into his mouth. Lately, he's been really into playing with his toes, pulling his feet closer, ever closer to his mouth. But so far, no independent toe-sucking. You can be sure, though, that our intrepid reporter will let you know when it happens, with photograpic evidence, if possible.

Today was nice, mild weather, so we headed out to scout out some neighborhood parks for baby swings. Here we have The Two-Headed Tomasulo.

Sadly, we found no baby swings, but luckily The Two-Headed Tomasulo has the capacity to go on grown-up swings.

Since he's a baby, and used to being manhandled and swung around while (for him) high in the air, he found swinging to be neither here nor there. Still, we had a nice walk. And I have other parks to stake out over the next week or so. We will prevail!
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