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Sunday, April 5, 2009

And They're Cousins...Identical Cousins

Okay, so they're not identical. But Adam's cousins Vivienne and Marlena are both one year older than he is, and they seemed to enjoy him. Found him fascinating, scientifically speaking. As you can see here.

In other news, at Gramma's house, Adam at his First Food Ever! Rice cereal. It went really, really well, I think.

Three meals with no trouble. Now that we're home, of course, he just wants to gnaw on the spoon and gets pretty annoyed when you try to make him, you know, eat the food that's in it. Ah, well--we're working on it.

We also went to the park. It was windy and cold, but in a bracing way! You can't tell from his face, but we had a lot of fun. Overall, excellent weekend.
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