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Monday, May 25, 2009

More New Hobbies, and a Few New Tricks

I have to admit, when Grandma gave Adam a bunch of 6 month toys at Christmas. "He's one month old," I thought. "He won't be six months old for AGES!"

And poof, here we are. So we broke out the first couple of things--a shape sorter and an inflatable punching bag penguin. The shape sorter is actually getting a lot of rotation, but the penguin was an instant hit.

It has a clear tummy with three balls rattling around. He can't quite figure out why he can't get at the balls, but he likes to try.

We need to get another ball for him. He really likes them!

In other new tricks, I made what might be the mistake of offering him a sip of water from my glass. This instantly became his new favorite hobby.

The photos don't do justice to his enthusiasm with which he grabs at the glass and presses his jaw to it. Then he's not sure why he isn't getting water yet. But he doesn't understand enough about physics to know that you need to tilt the glass, or, in fact, to even not fight me when I try to tilt it. Eventually, though, I get the water near his mouth, and he laps at it like a puppy, mostly backwashing into my glass.

It's freaking adorable.
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