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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

His Valiant Efforts

This week has been a little tough for Adam. He has a bit of a rash that looks like the hives to me, and a bit of a cough, plus all the sneezes. We're going to the doctor this afternoon, just to check it out. He's getting extra naptime today, and you can see from his face that he's sort of mellow and sad. Still cute, though.

But he's also been making some amazing strides. He has two teeth now--both the bottom middle ones. He's been doing an amazing job of trying to pull himself up to standing on the furniture. He can do it using my body--if I'm sitting on the floor, he gets up on my leg, then pulls himself up my belly to stand holding my shoulders. He has trouble on furniture, though, because he needs the intermediary steps. He almost got up today, though, using his changing table--bottom shelf, wicker basket, second shelf--he was kneeling and almost had his feet under him.

And today, there was a new one. He was trying to build a block tower! There were two stacked blocks, and he had the third one in his hand, and was tapping it on top of the tower. He couldn't quite coordinate lining it up and letting go of it....but the fact that he was trying has just bowled me over.

Finally, to those who have pointed out how fast he's changing, I think I have an explanation. He's using technology.


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