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Friday, June 5, 2009

Poorly Themed Baby Clothes: A Rant with Unrelated Photos

The Littlest Beastie Boy
Sometimes you take a look at baby clothes and you'll see some really weird theming. I noticed the other day that he has an outfit covered with African animals--lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes--and dinosaurs. Just mixed in like they fit together somehow. Wha?

Up close and personal

And last night, he slept in a onesie that had little rows of stylized rattles, baby carriages, flowers, sunshines--and elephants. Throw in a lawnmower and a turkey leg and you have--well, even more confusion.

Standing, with some help

So whose job is it to come up with these patterns? Who sat down and said, "Let's do jungle animals! Giraffes live in the jungle, right? And dinosaurs?" And his partner said, "What about unicorns?" And the first guy smacked him on the back of the head and barked, "Fool! Unicorns live in the mountains."
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