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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sartorial and Epicurian Challenges

I did this to him. no one else can be blamed. I loved the new yellow onesie with the busy bee theme. I only had blue pants available. it was cold, and the gray socks were the warmest. And....well, I didn't have a sweater for him right there. But I did have his Baby Legs. So...well....

....Baby Sleeves.

Today is New Foods Day! We're supposed to introduce them one at a time, so we started on squash this morning, which went over VERY well. So far so good!

Lately, though, he's been really impatient with his noontime bottle. It's about time to start him eating lunch, but I've been lazy about it, since it would cut into the only two hours a day when we can easily get out of the house. He gets too impatient to finish his bottle, though--he doesn't want to keep his head tilted back long enough to drink it all.

So today, he tried to eat my lunch. This would have been bad for a whole lot of reasons, but I'll only point out that it had peanuts in it, and you're not supposed to give babies peanuts. So I said, you want real food? And he got a container of yogurt.

He got his hands on the spoon toward the end of the experiment, when his clothes and face were already covered with vanilla yogurt. He LOVED it, though. So, assuming he doesn't start sneezing or scratching, we have a couple of new friends in the kitchen!

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