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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

Back from vacation, Marsha, Adam and I went to the pond yesterday. Marsha hasn't emailed me all the photos yet, but the big exciting news was his first successful, voluntary eating of actual hard food!

Marsha and I were eating goldfish crackers, and Adam was very jealous. So I gave him one, keeping a close eye to see that he didn't try to swallow it whole and choke on it. He sucked on it a bit, and when it was soft, he got half of it in his mouth and actually chewed and swallowed it! Then the other half! Then the same with another cracker!

This from the boy who nearly choked on a bit of banana yesterday. Overripe banana. You can't choke on that stuff unless you're really determined, which he usually is. But hey, way to go Adam! Welcome to the wonderful world of ACTUALLY solid food.


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