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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mustard Catch-Up

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Levitt (I think that was her name. God, I hope I'm remembering that right!) used to have one Friday a month that she'd call Mustard Catch-Up day, where we took care of all the things tha had slipped through the cracks. We'd clean out cubbies, take make-up quizzes, hand back homework we'd forgotten about. It's what I think when I'm behind--say, I haven't blogged in a week--and I want to just get a jumble of things done quickly.

I finally took the camera to the grocery store! Adam likes the cart....

...for a while. But by the end of the trip, he's always tugging on my shirt and begging to be picked up. He feels the same way about the stroller--it's a little frustrating. But we're patient with each other.

My mom came by today, and she and Adam read some books. Actually went through and read them, not just pretending to read to keep up appearances for a moment before he starts eating them.

This one's from Sunday, when Mike and I washed Adam's hair. We lay him on the counter next to the sink for the procedure. Often, if I'm careful, he doesn't know it's happening till I rinse him at the very end. He's gotten much better about these things--he'll even smile occasionally.

And he took a very cheerful bath today, which he did not ask to get out of. Eventually, the water got cold and I took him out, but he played cheerfully with a wooden spoon while I scrubbed his feet with all my might. Good baby!

Maybe because of his sniffles, or maybe just because he's been crawling and walking and pulling up so much, but Adam's had a lot more quiet cuddles in him lately than before. He'll sit with his Daddy and look at a book, which they both enjoy.

It's a very sweet time.
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Blogger Unknown said...

He is toooooo cute for words. What a fantastic Nana, reading to him. I think that is the same reason his Mom loves books too, and with Dad and books he has it made. Wonderful photos and videos thanks for sharing with us that are not so close to home and able to enjoy all of you.
Love to all
Aunt Sue

July 10, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

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