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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ogunquit, Part 1

There were many kids on vacation. How fast that happened! Below, left to right are Adam, Theo, Jude, Tigerlily, and Alice. Conrad, being 3, would not condescend to sit still for the picture.

What are they all staring at? Me flapping my arms and jumping around wildly to keep them in one place, of course.

Here we have Adam in yet another pose for the Cute Hunks calendar he'll be on in just 17 short years.

On to the beach! We got there on Monday, our second full day in town. Sunday just seemed like it would be too crowded, but we were worried we'd miss the good weather. We did get lucky and have lovely sun on Monday. Adam sat happily in his tent and ate his lunch.

This resulted, sadly, in some sticky, sandy messiness. But I guess that's what the beach is all about.

The water was brutally cold, so he just dipped his toes in. He was also very resistant to any hat-wearing we tried to impose on him. Luckily, we got one shot that incorporates both.

This was taken just before I sent Adam back to shore with Mike and promptly got washed away by a very strong current. I made it back to shore three days later, having discovered two species of fish and an uncharted island.

More vacationing to come!
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