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Monday, August 31, 2009

Several Days at Once

Backed up again! The other day Adam and I walked to the grocery store early in the morning. He was playing with one of his less-favorite teethers, and lost it halfway. When I found it on the way back, it had suddenly become his absolute favorite teether and I had to wash it off with my water bottle RIGHT NOW so he could have it. Popularity lasted all afternoon.

My parents came by for a very short visit so Mom could pick up the glasses that she'd left here. Adam gradually warmed to his Grampa, to the point where they could read a book together. It was a huge success.

Here's one of my favorite faces, finally on film. Insistent eating face.

And finally, the most successful of our self-portraits in a while.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doc Update

No vaccinations today! Adam was and is just great. Sleeping well, four strong teeth, babbling syllables, working on his pincer grip, starting to crawl on his hands and knees occasionally. He's 21 lb. 14oz (75th percentile) and 30 1/4 inches (95th percentile). He is all around healthy.

And yesterday, at the pond, he was watching the seagulls wheel around with rapt attention. It was kind of fabulous--he would crane his neck to watch it sweep above, and then follow it as it swooped down to the water to catch a fish. Over and over, and he was fascinated. The sustained attention was just great. Then we played Oh No Where'd You Go? with Nana and our beach towels. Such fun.

Good kid.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dancin' Man

I know that Adam does a little bopping up and down thing sometimes, but I think today was the first time I saw clearly that it's definitely dancing. We were playing with his music table, and he pulled on the banjo to make a song come, then did a little bobbing dance to it. When the song ended, he stopped, pulled the banjo again, and did another little dance. And when I started swaying to the music, the got excited and danced even more. I'm still always amazed by him.

Update: now with video!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nine Months

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pastimes and Occupations

I've been behind on photos and updates, and I'm sorry! There's a lot of news, but not a lot of visuals. We'll start with a new toy set: kitchenware.

He wanted my bowl and spoon when there was still cereal in it, so I gave him his own. He took more to the drum-set usage than the bowl-spoon thing, but that was fun, too. It makes good noises, and he's working on how to use the end of the spoon he's NOT holding to do things.

My favorite little moment, though, was when he had banged the bowl with the spoon until it jostled a little too far away. He then put down the spoon, reached for the bowl, pulled it closer, picked up the spoon again, and went back to banging. It was just such a practical move--how many times can I be reminded that he's a little person?

Banging on things is his big hobby now. Demonstration:

In other news, he's cutting both his top middle teeth at the same time. This makes him very unhappy, especially at night. We're weathering it well, though, and one of them has just barely erupted. No more gummy little baby smile, which makes me kind of sad. Still, though.

He's also come very close to crawling instead of creeping, quite often. He does a hands-and-knees thing as a prelude to standing up, and sometimes he does it quite a ways from whatever he's going to stand up against. So he'll get on his hands and knees and then crawl two or three--steps? crawls? scoots? whatever--over to the couch or the stool or my legs.

He's talented and tall and growing and just pretty cool. We like him.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Have Forward Movement

Friday night was one of Adam's worst in a long time, with crying on and off and mostly on till 1am. And then it led to a bizarre Saturday in which he slept till 10am--yes, TEN--which threw off all food and napping schedules. For the most part he was okay, in attitude and health, but he was not really interested in any of his meals. He didn't eat nearly enough yesterday, but he did drink his usual amount of formula, which is, I'm pretty sure, still more important at this stage of his life and digestive development.

In reassurance for all that misery, I'll say that I'm pretty sure I saw a little bud of tooth on his upper gums. It's hard to tell--if we thought looking at his lower gums was hard, the upper are ridiculous. There's no casual pose in which they're easy to examine, so you have to wrestle him into submission. But we persevere, because wrestling is a big part of parenting an under-one. Am I right?

In other milestones, he's really making some moves toward real crawling. Hands and knees has long been an intermediate step toward pulling up for him--he gets up like that and then pulls himself up on the couch, box, parent, etc. This morning, though, he got on his hands and knees and then kind of crawl-scooted himself forward to reach the couch. So in more ways than one, I can say, "We have forward movement!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

That Voodoo That You Do

Look deep into my eyes... will do my bidding. Adore me. Bring bananas.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day on the Farm

Last Wednesday, while Mom and Marsha were still in North Carolina, Adam and I spent a few hours hanging out with the Smith men. We hung out in the stand, ate fast food and produce and generally loitered.

Adam definitely came around a little to his Grampa. He didn't have a huge change of heart or anything. More a gradual--well, warming might be overstating it. Let's call it lessening of the coolness.

We also had a HUGe excitement over Adam eating food. Apparently NO ONE can resist produce. I was munching on green beans and cucumbers, and Adam really wanted some. So I let him gnaw on a cucumber, keeping a close eye out for his biting off chunks he couldn't handle.

Then, because he seemed amenable to new flavors, I tried feeding him little bites of fruit. He ate chunks of banana and nectarine with great good cheer. I'm very excited! He will now eat little chunks of things if they're fed directly to him.

Though his early fondness for cucumber did not last.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Adam and His Many Fans

Adam and his Gramps

Reading in our cluttered living room.

Playing with his new music table.

Adam and his Grandma
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

All Steph, All the Time

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