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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day on the Farm

Last Wednesday, while Mom and Marsha were still in North Carolina, Adam and I spent a few hours hanging out with the Smith men. We hung out in the stand, ate fast food and produce and generally loitered.

Adam definitely came around a little to his Grampa. He didn't have a huge change of heart or anything. More a gradual--well, warming might be overstating it. Let's call it lessening of the coolness.

We also had a HUGe excitement over Adam eating food. Apparently NO ONE can resist produce. I was munching on green beans and cucumbers, and Adam really wanted some. So I let him gnaw on a cucumber, keeping a close eye out for his biting off chunks he couldn't handle.

Then, because he seemed amenable to new flavors, I tried feeding him little bites of fruit. He ate chunks of banana and nectarine with great good cheer. I'm very excited! He will now eat little chunks of things if they're fed directly to him.

Though his early fondness for cucumber did not last.
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