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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pastimes and Occupations

I've been behind on photos and updates, and I'm sorry! There's a lot of news, but not a lot of visuals. We'll start with a new toy set: kitchenware.

He wanted my bowl and spoon when there was still cereal in it, so I gave him his own. He took more to the drum-set usage than the bowl-spoon thing, but that was fun, too. It makes good noises, and he's working on how to use the end of the spoon he's NOT holding to do things.

My favorite little moment, though, was when he had banged the bowl with the spoon until it jostled a little too far away. He then put down the spoon, reached for the bowl, pulled it closer, picked up the spoon again, and went back to banging. It was just such a practical move--how many times can I be reminded that he's a little person?

Banging on things is his big hobby now. Demonstration:

In other news, he's cutting both his top middle teeth at the same time. This makes him very unhappy, especially at night. We're weathering it well, though, and one of them has just barely erupted. No more gummy little baby smile, which makes me kind of sad. Still, though.

He's also come very close to crawling instead of creeping, quite often. He does a hands-and-knees thing as a prelude to standing up, and sometimes he does it quite a ways from whatever he's going to stand up against. So he'll get on his hands and knees and then crawl two or three--steps? crawls? scoots? whatever--over to the couch or the stool or my legs.

He's talented and tall and growing and just pretty cool. We like him.

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