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Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Have Forward Movement

Friday night was one of Adam's worst in a long time, with crying on and off and mostly on till 1am. And then it led to a bizarre Saturday in which he slept till 10am--yes, TEN--which threw off all food and napping schedules. For the most part he was okay, in attitude and health, but he was not really interested in any of his meals. He didn't eat nearly enough yesterday, but he did drink his usual amount of formula, which is, I'm pretty sure, still more important at this stage of his life and digestive development.

In reassurance for all that misery, I'll say that I'm pretty sure I saw a little bud of tooth on his upper gums. It's hard to tell--if we thought looking at his lower gums was hard, the upper are ridiculous. There's no casual pose in which they're easy to examine, so you have to wrestle him into submission. But we persevere, because wrestling is a big part of parenting an under-one. Am I right?

In other milestones, he's really making some moves toward real crawling. Hands and knees has long been an intermediate step toward pulling up for him--he gets up like that and then pulls himself up on the couch, box, parent, etc. This morning, though, he got on his hands and knees and then kind of crawl-scooted himself forward to reach the couch. So in more ways than one, I can say, "We have forward movement!"


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