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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Number Eight

Adam and I had a Grand Adventure today. Wearing his Spiffy New Sneakers, he came with me on a hunt for the Chelsea Public Library. We found it, then got a little lost trying to find a place to park in a land of one way streets and steep hills.

Eventually, though, we found our way there. We had the Children's Room all to ourselves. Adam dragged his feet around in the clunky new shoes. It was really hard at first, but he got better and better, and by the end, he was almost as spry as his barefoot self.

The library is a storehouse of all kinds of books that Disney made into movies 40 years ago, and I ended up checking out Polyanna and Escape to Witch Mountain, just because I recognized them. But mostly we had fun wandering around the room.

All hail library #8! Two more to make our goal of 10 libraries by his first birthday. Wish us luck.
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