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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Prepping

Sorry to be so absent! We've been really sick around here the past few days--I was sacked out with a nasty bug, and then made it to my feet just in time for Adam to NOT GET UP AT ALL yesterday. That's right, he did not wake up fully for more than half an hour between 7pm on Wednesday and 7am this morning. I fed him bottles half asleep. The nurse said it was the best thing, and given the fact that he's cranky and AWAKE today, I think it was a good move.

Anyway, catching up...

We did some carving at the farm last weekend.

Adam is wearing a clown outfit because pumpkin doesn't come out (except with vinegar! Vinegar works!), but I'm totally sold on tie-dye now, and I hope that in the future he has a couple of nice tie-dye outfits to show off.

Overall, a lovely fall Sunday. And we have seven pumpkins for tomorrow night! And Adam played in a leaf pile! Yay fall!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

11 Months!

Did he really turn 11 months yesterday? Well, that would explain why he won't sit still for a photo.

While Adam remains a cheerful, happy baby, he has developed a will of his own, and is starting to notice when we thwart it. He doesn't like having his diaper changed. If he's playing with something and you redirect him, he might start crying hard. It's usually not too hard to jolly him out of this mood, but the fact that he's realized that he has opinions, and darn if you shouldn't be agreeing with them, makes him even more of a person, even closer to the grown-up he'll be someday.

He's so close to walking that it's kind of silly, to me, that he isn't yet. But I think a lot of it is about the fact that he's a little cautious, which I can get behind. He's not timid at all--he'll crawl off the edge of the bed or put just about anything in his mouth--but he isn't the kind of kid who'll throw himself at something new, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead. I think this tendency to stop and think before he dives into something, but then diving in anyway, will serve him well later.

Some mornings he has so much energy I don't know what to do with him. But then in the afternoon we'll go to the park and he'll go nuts on the swing and then sleep like a rock for his nap, and it seems like we've found the perfect balance. Now here's hoping he likes the snow!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy Day

Couldn't you just eat him up?

Today we went to Whole Foods, then the park. Adam did not want to to go on the slide, or climb the stairs, or play with the equipment. He wanted, very badly, to swing. So swing we did.

I got tired on the walk home and we sat on a bench for a little while. He had a TON of fun tapping on the bench, which made a great metallic "bong" noise. It was not quite as much fun as the swings, but a very close second.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

He taps on everything, all the time. So the other day, Mike let him play with the Rock Band drum set. And it was love at first sight.

Though what he most likes is tapping things together. So his favorite part is the pre-song "one, two, three, four," where you tap the drumsticks together. Which is, I'll point out, adorable.

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Like Tribbles

Yesterday he had four teeth. Today he has eight. I did the math--by the weekend he'll have more than 100 teeth! This could end badly.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lunch and An Injury - Now With Photo!

We've been opening up Adam's culinary world lately. He ate the same dinner as us the other night--Mexican lasagna a la Rachel Ray. Beans, ground beef, corn, salsa, tortillas, and cheese. And he loved it! It was great. Last night he had some noodles and a tiny bit of sauce. And for lunch today, in addition to his yogurt and goldfish crackers, he ate some of my pickles, roasted red peppers, and herb bread. (I have a photo of lunch that I'll try to post later.) It's so much fun watching him eat more--but also harder to figure out how much he's eaten, which is a conundrum.

But when we got home, I was trying to put the stroller away and stepped on his fingers. He immediately started wailing, and I feel like the biggest heel in the world. Luckily, by the time I got the nurse on the phone to figure out how to diagnose a broken hand, he was using those fingers to pull my hair and laughing, so I think he's okay. A little scrape on his left ring finger, but otherwise happy as a clam. And I let him suck on the end of an ice cube, which he found to be SO MUCH FUN, so overall I think he might have fond memories of today after all.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Walking video

We've been playing the Walking Game lately. I think the video will explain pretty clearly what the game is. Adam's getting really good at it, and I think it's arguable that he took two steps on his own yesterday. It's so exciting!


Last Weekend's Visit

Adam got to see Grandma and Gramps again last weekend. They babysat for him for a while, and he had a lot of fun with them.

And when we went out to eat, he had his own little salad of shredded carrots, and he ate them all up!

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The Big 1 - 0

Adam and I visited the new Rogers Memorial Library in Hudson on Friday.

Library #10!

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Today was insanely busy and gets several of its own posts, but we'll start out with this one: Adam's First Haircut.

Shaggy baby!

Adam sat in my lap while I wore the smock, and Rosie orbited him like a balloon in a breeze, dipping in to snip here and there, combing and trimming. The only part he minded was getting his hair damp at the beginning, but that made the cutest photo!

Mohawk baby!

Mostly, as long as he could cling to me like a monkey, he was okay. He had almost no problem getting his haircut. When it was my turn to get MY hair cut, though, he FLIPPED OUT when Krista started shampooing me, and was inconsolable until I picked him up twenty minutes later. That rushing water was horrible to him, and he let us know it.

But after all that, isn't he handsome? No hair in his eyes, and a neat, tidy look. We have a really nice photo of Adam, Rosie, and me, which I'll post if we can get it off Mom's camera.

Coming Up: Last Weekend, #10, and the Walking Game.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just Like His Parents

In case anyone doubted who was his biological mother: Adam reading four books at once.

Also: Adam eats the same dinner as Mama and Daddy! Beef stew. After it's been pureed, of course.

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Friday, October 9, 2009


Dr. Nana has successfully diagnosed Adam with Roseola. This is very exciting because a) he seems to be coming to the end of it, b) it's pretty mild, and c) that means that someday soon, he might actually, you know, sleep.

Cheerful, cranky, and adorable!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Happiest Sickie in the World

This is the great kid we have; when he's sick and tired and feverish, his laughter just gets cuter.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's been a heck of a ride for the past few days, and mostly without photos. It starts with a lovely weekend. On Saturday Adam and I went swimming at the Kennedy Pool in Somerville. It was a lot of fun--he was nervous to be back in the water at first, but eventually he was absolutely thrilled to be climbing up on the side and jumping back in, kicking around, and watching the other kids. We played with the floating noodles, and he rode on two of them like a horse. It was awesome.

Sadly, I suspect we have the pool to blame for the fever that he's been running since Sunday night. He was warm that evening and hot in the night. I called the nurse line, and they said we should just give him Tylenol and keep an eye on it. Besides being tired and a little cranky, he's otherwise pretty normal--he giggles when you do something funny and listens to books and has a good appetite. We're filling him with fluids, letting him sleep a lot, and just tending him. If he's still sick tomorrow night, I'll call the doctor again on Thursday.

So that's the update. We have a cute video of tired Adam giggling at my antics, which I'll try to get up here. It's very sweet--you'd think being cheerful is his job, and he's going to push on through to do his best at work in spite of being sick. I can relate to that.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Deerfield Fair

Adam and his Smith folks had a pretty awesome time at the fair. We spent some time in the tractor area....

....and he rode in the backpack for quite a while.

We watched the ox pulls, where teams pull heavy sleds as far as they can. We walked through the barns and saw the cows, sheep, and chickens.

In the petting zoo, he reluctantly touched a duckling.

And we topped it all off on the Merry Go Round, which he loved right up until it started moving. His love decreased proportionally to the amount of moving, till he was a little upset and the ride ended.

Then he fell asleep as we were heading out of the fair. It was a gorgeous day.
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