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Friday, October 16, 2009


Today was insanely busy and gets several of its own posts, but we'll start out with this one: Adam's First Haircut.

Shaggy baby!

Adam sat in my lap while I wore the smock, and Rosie orbited him like a balloon in a breeze, dipping in to snip here and there, combing and trimming. The only part he minded was getting his hair damp at the beginning, but that made the cutest photo!

Mohawk baby!

Mostly, as long as he could cling to me like a monkey, he was okay. He had almost no problem getting his haircut. When it was my turn to get MY hair cut, though, he FLIPPED OUT when Krista started shampooing me, and was inconsolable until I picked him up twenty minutes later. That rushing water was horrible to him, and he let us know it.

But after all that, isn't he handsome? No hair in his eyes, and a neat, tidy look. We have a really nice photo of Adam, Rosie, and me, which I'll post if we can get it off Mom's camera.

Coming Up: Last Weekend, #10, and the Walking Game.
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