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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Prepping

Sorry to be so absent! We've been really sick around here the past few days--I was sacked out with a nasty bug, and then made it to my feet just in time for Adam to NOT GET UP AT ALL yesterday. That's right, he did not wake up fully for more than half an hour between 7pm on Wednesday and 7am this morning. I fed him bottles half asleep. The nurse said it was the best thing, and given the fact that he's cranky and AWAKE today, I think it was a good move.

Anyway, catching up...

We did some carving at the farm last weekend.

Adam is wearing a clown outfit because pumpkin doesn't come out (except with vinegar! Vinegar works!), but I'm totally sold on tie-dye now, and I hope that in the future he has a couple of nice tie-dye outfits to show off.

Overall, a lovely fall Sunday. And we have seven pumpkins for tomorrow night! And Adam played in a leaf pile! Yay fall!

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