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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's been a heck of a ride for the past few days, and mostly without photos. It starts with a lovely weekend. On Saturday Adam and I went swimming at the Kennedy Pool in Somerville. It was a lot of fun--he was nervous to be back in the water at first, but eventually he was absolutely thrilled to be climbing up on the side and jumping back in, kicking around, and watching the other kids. We played with the floating noodles, and he rode on two of them like a horse. It was awesome.

Sadly, I suspect we have the pool to blame for the fever that he's been running since Sunday night. He was warm that evening and hot in the night. I called the nurse line, and they said we should just give him Tylenol and keep an eye on it. Besides being tired and a little cranky, he's otherwise pretty normal--he giggles when you do something funny and listens to books and has a good appetite. We're filling him with fluids, letting him sleep a lot, and just tending him. If he's still sick tomorrow night, I'll call the doctor again on Thursday.

So that's the update. We have a cute video of tired Adam giggling at my antics, which I'll try to get up here. It's very sweet--you'd think being cheerful is his job, and he's going to push on through to do his best at work in spite of being sick. I can relate to that.


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