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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How To Entertain A One-Year-Old For 10 Minutes

1) Throw a towel over his head. When he pulls it off, say, "Peekaboo!" Repeat.

2) Take an empty tube of lotion and a lunch-sized paper bag. Show him how to put the tube in the bag. Let him take it out and put it back in again. *You'll get 11 minutes if you narrate with the words "out" and "in."

3) Anything with buttons.

4) Eat food in front of him. *Note: he will be occupied, but probably not very happy unless you give him some. He's usually pacified with a little corner of your English muffin every two or three minutes.

5) Hold a piece of paper in front of your face. Peek around to the left, then hide again. Then peek to the right, then above it. Keep him guessing.

6) Pattycake, especially if you let him do the mark-it-with-a-B gesture himself, and if you throw his arms up in the air when you "throw it in the oven for baby and me!"

7) Stairs.

That's what I've got for you. Bonus tidbit: the single best parenting discovery so far: the combination of overnight diapers and diaper liners. I get to sleep for 8 hours straight without a diaper change! Oh frabjous day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blueberries for Adam

Many people were thrilled to hear about the Great Blueberry Mess, so we're happy to share the photos with you. When he really liked that first blueberry (frozen wild blueberries, defrosted), we decided to take off his shirt and let him at them for dessert.

Here's him at the beginning, mostly clean.

Getting a little messier. Notice the neat little dab on his nose.

A complete mess now. The chair also had to be scrubbed.

The man clearly takes his blueberries very seriously.

And just so you can see it in motion:

And there you have it; Adam messier than I would ever want to be.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too Active For Sleeves

On Wednesday, we went to the library to return some books. Adam wore the new vest he got for his birthday, and it was perfect for the weather, and very soft and handsome.

He loves crawling around and playing at the Medford Library. We had a fine old time.

And then later that night, he sat on Daddy's lap for a while. These are the photos I like best.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Bear Gets You

Adam has entirely ceased to cooperate with bear photos. Here's the best we can do for you.

You can see how he's grown, at least, and also how spry he is.

Happy birthday little man.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cider Day! (Also, Incidentally, Birthday)

This is going to take a few posts. We have a bazillion pictures!

Today was Cider Day and Adam's birthday. Marsha insists that his birthday IS Cider Day, no matter what day it falls on, but this year it worked out perfectly: November 22. So there was a wonderful party. A good time was had by all.

The centerpiece was Marsha's cake, which was a train rolling through the countryside, complete with station. Very amazing.

Adam got to eat the engine, and I think he did a dignified job of it.

Many wonderful friends were there, and the whole Tomasulo family made it out for the occasion.

Coming up: opening presents and other baby fun!


The beginning of Adam's birthday adventures were the night before the big day, when the Tomasulos came to town. We opened presents that evening, since Sunday was going to be very busy.

As we've already established, Adam likes ripping paper, even more than he likes anything he might find inside the paper.

He's pretty happy with his new basketball hoop, too.

And oh, the hours of fun we'll have with his wagon! This one's my favorite.

Thank you, Grandma and Gramps, Stephanie and Chris!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mission Accomplished: Library 12

Just in time for Adam's first birthday this weekend, he came to visit me at the Chinatown Storefront Library where I volunteer.

It's too bad we didn't get more photos of the library, because it's a beautiful space. But Adam had fun climbing on the risers and pulling books off the shelves.

Congratulations, little library fiend!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing with Keys

It's like a little visual poem, this video. Nothing happens, but it's just nice.


In the Leaves

As promised: Adam and Nana playing in the leaves. Adam will kick them, but he won't climb in or sit down unless someone else does it first and stays with him the whole time. So here you have it.

There was a huge flock of birds practicing their maneuvers in our yard, so we did a lot of looking up.

Nana took this photo after I left.

And: bonus baby! Adam in his moose PJs, trying to get his hands on the camera.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I love Adam on the swings photos. And since his aunt is gone on a trip, I feel bad that I didn't update more before now. So, without further ado: Adam at the playground!

Coming tomorrow: Adam in the leaves! And as soon as I figure out how to upload a video from my computer, I have some fun ones. Check back soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nico and Autumn

On Monday, Katie and Nico came over to visit. It seems like Nico is growing faster than Adam, but Katie says it seems like Adam's growing like crazy, so I think that might be some sort of weird optical illusion.

Before we went to the park, we played in the leaves in the yard.

Adam likes to splash in the leaves like they're water. He doesn't mind walking in them, but he won't sit in them unless I sit down first. This is fine with me, since they make a very comfy couch. Lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Haven

We had a Tomasulo get together in New Haven at Stephanie's place this weekend. This explains how Adam ended up at the Yale library, for those of you following our saga.

We were lucky to have some fabulous weather, so we went on some nice walks, saw some of the campus, and ate some good food.

Oh, and we saw Stephanie's lab, which is SO impressive and science-y. It's like a movie set of an Important Scientific Laboratory, dominated by a large piece of equipment that I swear I saw on an episode of Dr. Who.

It was a lovely weekend, and we all had a great time. I hope we get to go for another visit soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Number eleven! The Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University, a very impressive item to add to his list.

The Tomasulo men on the approach to the library.

Me and Adam in front of the building. If there's on thing those Yalies know, it's architecture. Every building on that campus looked like a cathedral. The library, thrillingly, looked positively medieval inside, too. It was like convents and libraries, all wrapped up in a fabulous package intended just for me!The huge card catalog room, full of empty drawers. I'm glad they still have them there--there's a real beauty to a card catalog, even without the cards.

And here's us in the reading room. If this building was around here, I'd be there all the time. There were courtyards, and alcoves, and wood paneling. And the echoes were fabulous--Adam loved it, too. Luckily, we walked in just as the doors opened, so his enjoyment of the echoes probably didn't interrupt anyone's studying.

One more library to go!


Monday, November 2, 2009


I spent a lot of time asking myself if I was a homemade costume mom or a store bought costume mom. When he's older, it will be up to him, but for now, I had to make this call myself. It was a tough one.

Turns out, we're homemade. Mostly because I had my heart set on turtle, and they didn't have the costume in his size.

Mike and I made the costume together--I did most of the construction, but he designed the pattern of the shell and cut out the pieces. I made the hood using the pattern we used to make his hand puppet. The whole thing is held together by magnets, which crafty innovation I must say I'm inordinately proud of.

We went to about five houses for candy, though Adam was way more interested in the railings on everyone's front steps. He wore the costume again for pumpkin night at the farm, which was quite fabulous.

Happy first Halloween, Turtle-boy!
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