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Monday, November 2, 2009


I spent a lot of time asking myself if I was a homemade costume mom or a store bought costume mom. When he's older, it will be up to him, but for now, I had to make this call myself. It was a tough one.

Turns out, we're homemade. Mostly because I had my heart set on turtle, and they didn't have the costume in his size.

Mike and I made the costume together--I did most of the construction, but he designed the pattern of the shell and cut out the pieces. I made the hood using the pattern we used to make his hand puppet. The whole thing is held together by magnets, which crafty innovation I must say I'm inordinately proud of.

We went to about five houses for candy, though Adam was way more interested in the railings on everyone's front steps. He wore the costume again for pumpkin night at the farm, which was quite fabulous.

Happy first Halloween, Turtle-boy!
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