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Monday, November 9, 2009


Number eleven! The Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University, a very impressive item to add to his list.

The Tomasulo men on the approach to the library.

Me and Adam in front of the building. If there's on thing those Yalies know, it's architecture. Every building on that campus looked like a cathedral. The library, thrillingly, looked positively medieval inside, too. It was like convents and libraries, all wrapped up in a fabulous package intended just for me!The huge card catalog room, full of empty drawers. I'm glad they still have them there--there's a real beauty to a card catalog, even without the cards.

And here's us in the reading room. If this building was around here, I'd be there all the time. There were courtyards, and alcoves, and wood paneling. And the echoes were fabulous--Adam loved it, too. Luckily, we walked in just as the doors opened, so his enjoyment of the echoes probably didn't interrupt anyone's studying.

One more library to go!



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