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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Critical Mass of Words

Till recently, I wasn't convinced that Adam had specific words. I mean, sure, he says something that sounds like "up" when he wants to get up, and something like "appa" when he wants an apple. But he makes those noises a lot. He says "Dada" pretty often, but not always directed at Mike. "Mama" means "I'm unhappy--someone make this discomfort go away!"

But this weekend--especially yesterday and today--I've been convinced. So here's a list of words that I'm convinced he uses almost exclusively on purpose.

ah-tah = guitar
vuh-vuh = bubbles
up = up (as in, I'd like to go up now--upstairs, into your arms, toward that lovely ceiling fan of yours, whatever)
bah or ah-bah = ball
da-duh = Santa (as distinct from Dada, which is slightly different. Santa specifically my stuffed Santa, and sometimes Fozzie the Bear in a red hat, for some reason)
Arf = the name of the stuffed dog in his crib. Also the name of Gentleman Dan, the Yale bulldog in the living room. Applies to no other dogs.

And the occasional Dada for Mike.

So I guess I can no longer claim that Adam doesn't speak English.

So, what convinced us? Well, last night we got home from New York, and I sat down in the rocking chair in the living room. Adam climbed eagerly into my lap, only to lean aggressively over my shoulder and grope desperately for Mike's guitar, shouting "ah-tah! ah-tah!"

He'd used the word before, but never so clearly or deliberately or with NO instigation at all. In response, we let him try his hand at it, with some close supervision. And he was really pretty gentle, and got some good sounds out of it.

Musician in training!


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