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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Some dinnertime photos.

Daddy got some grapes!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Watching Him Get Smarter

Today has been a day for working things out.

First, when I went to put his coat on, he had his Eggplant in the hand I reached for. I went to reach for the other hand, just as he switched Eggplant to his other hand. We then proceeded to do this dance three or four times--the same dance mankind has done for ages, as we both switch back and forth, trying to line up our free hands.

So finally, Adam stopped, bent down very carefully, and put Eggplant down. Then he put his arms in the sleeves, bent over, and picked him up again. Problem solved.

He's been working on his socks really hard lately. Marsha showed him how to open the sock up, and he gets that. But he still places it on top of his foot, instead of pulling it on. We're working on that.
I also saw him thinking when he picked up the little plastic pizza-cutter thing that came with Mike's new Play-Do set. Adam held it up to me and made blowing noises--which is what he does when he wants me to blow on the pinwheel. He made that connection, and thought it would work. We blew on that for a while before we gave up.

Smart little nugget.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The New England Flower Show

We went to the New England Flower Show (The Boston Flower and Garden Show is the official name, I think, but who calls it that?) today! I got a pass from a friend of a friend, and after accidentally taking the Pike out to Newton and having to come back via Storrow Drive, we managed to get a meter (near the waterfront! Seriously!) and trot on over.

Adam enjoyed the highly polished pillars in the lobby while we waiting for our "connection" to come out with our ticket (thanks, Rob!).

Fake palm trees.

Adam did a lot more people-watching than plant-watching--which worked out, because there were a TON of people. Crowded. Saturday-crowded; last day of the show-crowded.

Adam and statuary

We also had our first changing of a diaper in a crowded rest room. I've done empty rest rooms before, but this one had a line out the door. It was hard to maneuver and he didn't like it, but the job got done and I got some compliments from the ladies in line, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Adam and Mama at the Flower Show

It was a very nice time. We only stayed about 45 minutes, but that was okay since the ticket was a gift. We saw some very cool stuff--birds and displays and bushes, and a giraffe made out of chrysanthemums. It was pretty cool.

Our Little Kingdom

Some more outdoor adventures. Adam got this table from Nana and Grampa for Christmas, but we didn't put it out till the good weather arrived recently. I'll need to think of some fun table activities outdoors--and maybe, as the weather improves, we can have our snacks here!

And here, Adam works on figuring out how to replace the wall of his wagon. He didn't actually have much trouble with it, but he found it fascinating and put it in and took it back out over and over for quite a while.

Coming soon: weekend fun!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Weekend

We spent the weekend hanging out with the Tomasulos--Mike, Ellen, and Steph, plus Chris. I don't have a lot of pictures, but they're all kind of fabulous.

We played with his new ball in the driveway.

We went for a walk to the playground to see the windmill.

While we were there, we played on the equipment, and Adam was Captain of the Ship.

And we played at the playground walls and windows.

Look here, you!

Here we go!

We had a great visit. We'll see you all again in two weeks!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Music Man

I'm too lazy to download the new photos from the camera, so here are a few photos from last week, of Adam following up on his love of music.

First, trying to figure out how to plug my iPod into the docking station.

And what may be the first photo of Adam actually using his guitar as it was intended to be used.

He's outgrowing his footie PJs, but winter's almost over. He needs spring jammies!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On His Feet

My new favorite developmental stage: when I get home with groceries, I can put Adam on the ground to run around while I carry all the bags up the stairs.

It's the little things.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ah, Weather!

We've spent so much time outside in the past week, it's like a whole other world.

We went to the playground...

...where Adam went on the swings.

And we went for a walk, where Adam pushed the stroller himself.

It's been so much fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Capping off Last Week: Sunday Brunch

So on Sunday, we went to brunch with Jo and Tom at Johnny D's. They have a jazz brunch, so there were two guys playing low-key music on stage, and we sat right next to them.

Right. Beside. The guitars.

Seriously, I have never seen him so quiet for so long. I didn't see his face for the whole meal. I had to reach around him to put food in his mouth. He just watched and watched and watched. It was amazing.

And when they took a break? Well, we were also right next to the waiter's station, which had its own appeal. Oh, and Jolene was wearing her red zebra striped shoes.

This was what he did during the set breaks. Crazy boy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Word Explosion

Just a general update, for posterity: Adam's all about the talking these days. He'll repeat a lot of words when we offer them, and do a good job with the sounds. There are a bunch of words he uses on his own, a bunch more that he seems to remember and understand when prompted.

So let's see. Everyone who knows him knows that he's got guitar. With a lot of help, he'll add the "g" sound at the end. Also solid: iPod, Swiffer (yes, he's brand-loyal), shovel, ball, phone, fan, up, tractor. Just today he's been using "broom." (He likes to be chased around by the broom and the swiffer--both at the same time, not just one or the other, OR ELSE.)

He says "guh" reliably for milk (sometimes confusing it with water, since they go in the same cup--maybe it means cup? I don't think so, though--I think it's the "k" sound in milk, but sounds like a "g." That's just a guess, though.)

And he has other words he's good at. Bucket, banana, socks, shoes, pumpkin, cat, dog, car. These are all things he imitates really well, and can identify when you say the word, and maybe I've heard him use it on his own a couple of times. There might be more!

I always tell Brenda that I don't mind comparing him to Oliver (her cat) because really, all her comparisons are true--the same things entertain them, the same things make them nervous, the same things about them inconvenience us. Right now she has the advantage, because she can shut Oliver in a crate if she needs to. But the better Adam gets at talking, the more advantage I gain!

Oh, and why I'm posting this today? After calling Mike Dada for ages, last night he officially can say Mama. Praise be, I'm no longer Bubba. I have arrived.

Addendum: I forgot about bubbles. And pepper, and pen--all spontaneous. What else did I forget? So many!

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