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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The New England Flower Show

We went to the New England Flower Show (The Boston Flower and Garden Show is the official name, I think, but who calls it that?) today! I got a pass from a friend of a friend, and after accidentally taking the Pike out to Newton and having to come back via Storrow Drive, we managed to get a meter (near the waterfront! Seriously!) and trot on over.

Adam enjoyed the highly polished pillars in the lobby while we waiting for our "connection" to come out with our ticket (thanks, Rob!).

Fake palm trees.

Adam did a lot more people-watching than plant-watching--which worked out, because there were a TON of people. Crowded. Saturday-crowded; last day of the show-crowded.

Adam and statuary

We also had our first changing of a diaper in a crowded rest room. I've done empty rest rooms before, but this one had a line out the door. It was hard to maneuver and he didn't like it, but the job got done and I got some compliments from the ladies in line, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Adam and Mama at the Flower Show

It was a very nice time. We only stayed about 45 minutes, but that was okay since the ticket was a gift. We saw some very cool stuff--birds and displays and bushes, and a giraffe made out of chrysanthemums. It was pretty cool.


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