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Monday, March 1, 2010

Word Explosion

Just a general update, for posterity: Adam's all about the talking these days. He'll repeat a lot of words when we offer them, and do a good job with the sounds. There are a bunch of words he uses on his own, a bunch more that he seems to remember and understand when prompted.

So let's see. Everyone who knows him knows that he's got guitar. With a lot of help, he'll add the "g" sound at the end. Also solid: iPod, Swiffer (yes, he's brand-loyal), shovel, ball, phone, fan, up, tractor. Just today he's been using "broom." (He likes to be chased around by the broom and the swiffer--both at the same time, not just one or the other, OR ELSE.)

He says "guh" reliably for milk (sometimes confusing it with water, since they go in the same cup--maybe it means cup? I don't think so, though--I think it's the "k" sound in milk, but sounds like a "g." That's just a guess, though.)

And he has other words he's good at. Bucket, banana, socks, shoes, pumpkin, cat, dog, car. These are all things he imitates really well, and can identify when you say the word, and maybe I've heard him use it on his own a couple of times. There might be more!

I always tell Brenda that I don't mind comparing him to Oliver (her cat) because really, all her comparisons are true--the same things entertain them, the same things make them nervous, the same things about them inconvenience us. Right now she has the advantage, because she can shut Oliver in a crate if she needs to. But the better Adam gets at talking, the more advantage I gain!

Oh, and why I'm posting this today? After calling Mike Dada for ages, last night he officially can say Mama. Praise be, I'm no longer Bubba. I have arrived.

Addendum: I forgot about bubbles. And pepper, and pen--all spontaneous. What else did I forget? So many!


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