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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keep Counting

We thought we were done at 14. How many more libraries are there, really?

Welcome to Winchester! With a gorgeous view. Adam and I made some very nice friends there--a woman named Susan and her tiny granddaughter Arden were enjoying their first library outing. Adam's many library adventures impressed them, and I hope they'll have some adventures of their own.

After that, we went down to Watertown to investigate a series of Armenian grocery stores with Elizabeth. The photos here don't do the places justice, since I mostly had to run around keeping his hands out of the olives. But I have two words for you: yogurt soda.

Then we met up with Tui (who I went to school with and Elizabeth said I simply must meet) and her new baby Jonah (who is happy and adorable!) and had some lunch. Elizabeth was right--I had to meet Tui. She's great, and I hope we see her and Jonah again soon.

And now Adam is sleeping these adventures off with Arf in the crib. That's library 15, for those who are counting. Party on!



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