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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please Get Ahead Of the Cat

Adam has developed a fondness for playing with the flashlight. He likes to shine it around. And if you shine it at the wall or the floor, he'll play with the dot of light.

Seriously, kid, it's adorable, but isn't it time you pulled ahead of Oliver?

Well, but wait.

He likes to give his little friends a drink from whatever cup or bottle he's playing with.

And he's fallen for the frog. We named her Laylee, because she smells like eucalyptus, which sounds like ukulele, so Laylee. In this photo, she's upside down, but that's because in all the other photos I have, he's moving too fast to see.

He's started sleeping with the frog; hopefully when he starts going to day care soon, she can be his naptime companion there. Adam has so many stuffed friends--Arf, Elmo, Laylee, Eggplant, Lobster (we are not creative namers; Mike thinks it's presumptuous of us to name his toys)--and he loves to hug them and kiss them. I hope he doesn't get confused when he starts making school friends, and getting frisky with them!


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