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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adam Can't Count This High

He's learning to count, mind you.  If you get to five, he can give you six and seven, and I swear that I heard him saying "two, four, six" to himself in his crib the night before last.  But he can't count to sixteen.

And #16 is the library we visited this weekend!  We went to the Waltham Public Library, because they had the only available copy of a book that I otherwise would have had to wait about two months for.  So we hung out in the children's room, had our picture taken, got some more Max and Ruby books, and in general had a grand old time.

 Not a flattering picture of me, but a willing librarian is hard to pass up.

Adam in the children's room.

Looking coy...

After these adventures, we went out to the car, where Adam insisted on driving for a while--at least until we left the parking lot.

It's his new hobby.  On a good day, I can make him wait till we get home and do this in the garage, where it's nice and cool.  He also likes to say "vroom vroom" while doing this.


Friday, July 23, 2010

While I Was Out

Here are some photos from the end of Adam's weeklong visit with Grandma and Gramps last week.  They all had so much fun, it was really wonderful that they got to spend so long with him.  And maybe it's just because I haven't seen him in a few hours, but doesn't his cuteness kill you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We went to the Japanese/Korean place nearby last week and had bulgogi grilled on our table.  Luckily, the high chair was far enough away from the grill that it wasn't an issue.  The pleasant surprise was how much Adam liked some of the little dishes they brought us.

Korean barbecue comes with many little side dishes.  Adam ate the sprouts, some sweet-marinaded potatoes, some cool pickled things, and a LOT of rice.  The kid just loves the rice.

 In other news: he has suddenly begun drinking from his own cup, two hands, no support.  About one in five times he'll dump it all over himself, but that's not a bad percentage for a kid, right? 

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Swim and Sand

 I think we established today that, as much as he likes the water, Adam is going to be one of those kids on the beach with a shovel and an elaborate sandcastle.

After an initial dip, we let him at the shovel, and it was game over.  Couldn't get him back into the water.

Which meant a lot of sand to clean off.  Luckily, we managed to rinse him nicely before taking him up for a change.  He's been in his diaper since then.  (Don't worry--he's wearing TONS of SPF60, and we left just after this.)

Fun day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guitar Boy

It makes me really happy that Adam still loves guitars.  His level of enthusiasm waxes and wanes, but I like the fact that it wasn't just a phase he went through--he really likes guitars.

He's also learned air guitar, though I don't have any photos of that.

Right now, in fact, he's talking, if not in his sleep then at least in his nap, shouting "guitar, guitar!"

He especially likes "Dada's ah-tah."  It's funny, since he uses the letter 'g' all the time, just not in the word guitar.

He has also learned to say 'again,' and to use the sentence 'more grapes, please.'  Well, the please part is hit or miss, but he's all about making up phrases.  Including my new favorite: "uh-oh'clock."  I can't figure out a good way to spell that.  Anyway, he's a great talker.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Nation Celebration

We went to Middletown for the Fourth of July, but Adam ended up being sick on the day of the big family cookout.  Since last year's cookout was all mixed up due to a scheduling problem, this means that there are a good handful of Tomasulos who have never met Adam.  So we brought him, feverish and glassy-eyed, over to Uncle Johnny's house, where he sat quietly and pretty much fell asleep in his father's lap till we took pity on him and let him go home. 

Luckily it was a 24-hour sort of bug, and the fever broke that night.  Adam was his cheerful self the next day.  So we had a very nice trip to NY, even if we didn't have much of a cookout.  Next year, though, he'll be spry and ready for fun.

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