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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adam Can't Count This High

He's learning to count, mind you.  If you get to five, he can give you six and seven, and I swear that I heard him saying "two, four, six" to himself in his crib the night before last.  But he can't count to sixteen.

And #16 is the library we visited this weekend!  We went to the Waltham Public Library, because they had the only available copy of a book that I otherwise would have had to wait about two months for.  So we hung out in the children's room, had our picture taken, got some more Max and Ruby books, and in general had a grand old time.

 Not a flattering picture of me, but a willing librarian is hard to pass up.

Adam in the children's room.

Looking coy...

After these adventures, we went out to the car, where Adam insisted on driving for a while--at least until we left the parking lot.

It's his new hobby.  On a good day, I can make him wait till we get home and do this in the garage, where it's nice and cool.  He also likes to say "vroom vroom" while doing this.



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