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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Day Rundown

Adam won't let you sing to him anymore at bedtime; instead, we tell him about what he did during the day.  But since he sacked out today the instant we walked in the door, he didn't get his naptime rundown.  So here's what Daddy should tell him at bedtime.

First, when we got up, we played with our new chalkboard and whiteboard with magnetic letters.  We drew all kinds of pictures with chalk, and Adam got a little marker on his face.  Then we had cereal for breakfast, and Adam talked to Nana on the computer.  And then he talked to Grandma and Gramps on the computer, too, but just for a few minutes.

Then we watched a little Elmo and Abby.  We saw a new Sesame Street segment called Murray's Little Lamb.  Murray (a monster) and his pet lamb go to school--a different school each time--karate school, drum school, baseball school.  Adam has latched onto the lamb; all day he's been saying, "Little lamb," and I sing Mary Had a Little Lamb to him.

Then we went downtown!  We met up with Sheila at her office, where we ate some cherry tomatoes in the lobby.

Then we were going to go on the swan boats in the Public Garden, but the line was all over the place, so instead we walked over and bought some hot dogs from a vending cart for our lunch.

Sheila was nice enough to share her iced tea with Adam, which he loved a LOT. 

Then we went on the carousel next to the frog pond.  Adam was barely tolerant of the carousel, though once I got into the habit of bobbing up and down with his horse, he dealt with it pretty patiently.

Then we got an ice cream from the truck that sits near the park.  Sheila was nice enough to share some of hers with Adam, probably because he knows her name and spent a little time today asking her nicely to kick her legs while we sat on a park bench.

Then we got in the car and headed home.  Adam dozed off at the end of our block and went straight to bed, though he started chattering pretty quickly after that.

So that's our morning!  Grandma and Gramps will be here soon, and he'll have an awesome afternoon, too.  He does live the sweet life.


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