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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playground Pics

When I finally offloaded the camera after my little hiatus, I found some really great photos, lots and lots (and lots) of them from various trips to the playground.  So without further ado: Adam and his friend, the Big Windmill.

This last one is from our breakfast picnic.  We got up one morning and neither of us wanted cereal, but Adam wanted to go to the windmill at 8am.  So we ran by Dunkin Donuts and got some muffins and OJ, and we ate them at the base of the windmill.  It was really, really wonderful.

I have so many more playground pictures; you're going to be seeing them for some time.  I'll keep busy with these, and with some more New Haven photos, until the time comes for Halloween pictures this weekend!  Which reminds me: need candy!


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