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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Adam, Marsha, and I went to the New England Aquarium today.  In the car on the way over, we were talking about the penguins and the fish, and Adam was really excited.  Once we got there, though, it was all about the penguins.  

ALL about the penguins.  I loved the whole thing, but he kept talking about penguins, hustling us through the rest of the aquarium to get back to the penguins.  I think it was partly because it's not very well lit, and some of the darker areas made him a little nervous.  Still, we saw a lot of cool stuff.

This one blew me away.  It's a sea horse that looks like leaves. Can you even see it here? How cool is that?

School of fish.

Adam was very excited about the water in the petting pool, but not so much about the starfish.

At the top of the giant tank.

Penguin!  Penguin penguin penguin! 

We had a ton of fun.  And Adam's admission is free for another year, so if we get a membership, we can get the lowest level and it'll totally be worth it.  Rock and roll!


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