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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clearing the Backlog: Cider Day

Cider Day and Adam's birthday celebration seem like ages ago, and I feel very far behind, but really it was less than a week!  Still, let's see about catching up with some of these pictures, shall we?

Adam's all about the farm, and one of the Must Do's when we're there is sitting on the tractor.  Here's Cider Day's Tractor Sit, with Daddy.

Now here's the fabulous guitar cake that Marsha made.  Note the licorice strings, the musical note cupcakes...

...and the little drum with Adam's age on it! 

If you ask him how old he is, he now knows how to answer.  But since I've been saying for weeks, "He'll be two," his answer to "How old are you?" is "I'll be two."

Adam tries to play his cake.

I don't have too many great photos, but it was a lovely day.  The cake was amazing, the cider was amazing, everyone had fun, and Krista brought Quinn and Tegan, so we were full of little kids and had a lovely day.


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