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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas at School

On Tuesday, Miss Maureen's class had a Christmas party, and Santa came to visit!  I have a ton of great photos for the families, but for Adam's fan club, we'll present the Reader's Digest version.

First, families arrive and snacks are eaten.  Adam got two miniature cupcakes and a cookie shaped like a Christmas tree, which is really all he could have asked for in the entire world.  He and Wes were thinking of having a battle for the biggest cupcake lover, but I declare it a tie, because they both LOVE cupcakes.

Then there were some stories and songs, and then Santa made an appearance with presents for the boys and girls!  Adam--shockingly!--had no problem at all with Santa Claus.  He accepted a candy cane and said thank you, sat placidly on Santa's lap, and seemed happy to get his Max, the Grinch's long-suffering, reindeer disguised dog.

We also managed to get a class picture.  I love this first one, since I think it captures some of the characters (note Little Miss Backwards, Sophia Trying-To-Smile, and Ally Funnyface).

But then here, we just have a very nice photo.

 More photos to come for Adam's classmates, but in the meantime, happy holidays one and all!


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