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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Running Him Ragged

Today we hung the Christmas lights in front of our house.  Adam was very excited and really wanted to climb the ladder, which he wasn't allowed to do.  He was allowed to help with the lights, though--fresh out of the box, they don't stretch as far, so he helped stretch the strings out before we hung them.  He called this "flying a kite," and we sang the song from Mary Poppins about flying a kite while we did it.

Sadly, I didn't get the camera out till we'd moved on to raking.  Adam likes to stand in the middle while you rake a big pile of leaves around him.  He calls this "doing a princess," which I think is pretty awesome. 

Also, we had our first swim class of the season on Saturday, which was fabulous.  Like, FABULOUS.  He didn't want to go, because he was playing his guitar, and he was a little nervous when we got there.  But once he got in the water, he had so much fun--SO MUCH--he was laughing and squealing.  And he didn't mind water on his head, and he kicked and jumped off the side.  Then he got angry when it was time to leave and wanted desperately to go back.  So next week should be fun. 

I'm the only mom in the class--the rest are dads--which is awesome because the only part I hated about our last swim class was the 15 crying, squirming, wet babies that you had to keep from stepping on in the locker room after.  We were, literally, alone in the locker room.  It was amazing.

And--AND!--the best part?  No more bathtime blues!

We spent half an hour playing blissfully in the tub tonight.  He got a little anxious at hairwashing time, but other than that it was a ton of fun and smooth sailing.  A huge change from the past few months.  God bless swim class!


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