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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sorry, No Photos

But tonight, Adam helped me make dinner.  It was really great--he wanted to help me cook, so we pulled up his stool.  With a butterknife, he helped me slice the polenta into rounds to cook in the pan (little pancakes!).  Then he did all the work on making green beans--he poured them from the bag into the Tupperware, he poured a little water in, put the lid on, put it in the microwave, closed the door, and pressed the buttons.  When it finished, he took the container out, shook it up, put it back in, set the timer again.  And at the end, he ate two bowls of green beans.  It's like I've died and gone to Mommy Heaven.

Adam's actually been eating really well this week, since we took him to the doctor on Friday and figured out that his slight but persistent cough was pneumonia.  He's been on antibiotics since then, and he's already feeling a million times better--much less coughing and nose running, much better eating.  He ate meat loaf, polenta, green beans, and yogurt with honey for dinner tonight. 

I'm sorry he spent so long sick--he's just always so cheerful that it's hard to tell.  But he's doing great, and had a lot of fun this weekend visiting with Grandma and Gramps.  Tomorrow it's back to school!


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